Mick and Grammy nominated producer Cookie Marenco discussed doing an all acoustic project for years. Acoustic instruments are used exclusively and only microphones are plugged in on this audiophile quality product which is recorded and mixed on analog tape like all Mick’s releases. The Turtle Island String Quartet’s Mark Summer alternately shines and rocks on ‘cello. David Hayes of Van Morrison’s band for over three decades returns on bass with the same magic to join Overman for their first recording since the all acoustic 1998 “Mileage”. Henry Salvia’s accordion is...an experience.


8 new Overman originals including standout opener “The Elemental Now” and “Save The World By Bedtime” are presented along with “Catch More Bees (With Honey)” and “Shine On Me Now”. 60’s covers include “Secret Agent Man” and “Walk Away Renee”. Prince’s “When You Were Mine” and Jules Shear’s & The Bangles’ “If She Knew What She Wants” pay respect to the 80’s while Laura Nyro’s 70’s spiritual “Save The Country” provides a hopeful finale.

- Song List with links to lyrics -

1  The Elemental Now

2  Save The World By Bedtime

3  If She Knew What She Wants

4  Walk Away Renee

5  Catch More Bees

6  The One That Shines on You

7  Secret Agent Man

8   Just A Little

9   When You Were Mine

10  Worst Mistake This Year

11  Everhere

12  Shine On Me Now

13  Save The Country



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