Mick Overman is a West Coast Legend and “Iron Man of The Road.” He’s a poet and master musician, and "Bluesy Folk & Roll with Jazz Attitude" is the best description of his music and performance.


Overman has long been regarded as one of the West Coast’s hardest working (379 performances in one year) and prolific artists.


His singing and guitar playing are accurately described as "Berklee College of Caveman." In addition to being an impactful and dynamic solo performer, Overman’s band consistently features some of the area’s most gifted and talented musicians.




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"Guilt By Association"

Mick Overman is a complete badass.

Nathalie Weinstein - The Daily Barometer - OSU Corvallis, OR


Mick is a great talent, a ball of fire, and a joy to perform with.

David Hayes - recording artist/ producer / bassist (VAN MORRISON)


...Overman has certainly earned his share of well-deserved praise... his six releases have been regarded as treasures... keenly observed songwriting and devastatingly powerful delivery... a world-class songwriter and slide-guitarist who deserves all the plaudits he’s received.

Metro Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz, CA


...warm, expressive and compassionate... unshakable sense of optimism... lyrics acting as a bastion of instantly accessible plain-folk wisdom... an artfully persuasive argument for appreciating the simpler things in life, adhering to a glass-half-full philosophy and sustaining that rush of goodwill that comes from a constant counting of blessings...

Amanda Martinez - Good Times - Santa Cruz, CA


Mick Overman is one of those unique talents... A prodigy in the musical, political and spiritual sense... with the perfection you’d expect...

Dave Terpeny - KyndMusic.com


...such zeal and energy that the onlooker is left breathless... soul baring sincere lyrics have earned rave reviews all around.

Monterey County Weekly - Monterey County, CA


No pretense or facade; just pure, honest music from the heart. Overman's wailing slide playing can raise hair on the back of the neck... an unsung hero of the "broken bottle."

Showcase Music Times - San Jose, CA


Overman’s versatility and undying enthusiasm shine like headlights through the morning fog.

Spotlight/The Sentinel - Santa Cruz, CA


He's a seasoned, soulful, salt of the earth virtuoso... singing clean from the gut as if life and music naturally mix and match. CRUZAN Magazine - Santa Cruz, CA


...pearls of originality and great songwriting... Overman may just be one of the greats.

Good Times - Santa Cruz, CA


...a natural and unpretentious voice...rambunctious slide guitar...with infectious realness he bares his soul.

Clubs and Pubs - Sonoma County, CA


During his lengthy career... Overman has developed an eclectic repertoire... one of the most original and trend-free musicians...

GvonT - Sing Out!


...a triumph of hard work and devotion to one’s art in a world of practicality and compromise.

Half Moon Bay Revue - Half Moon Bay, CA


...passion, efficiency, stamina and sincerity like no other... phenomenal abilities with writing and performing from the heart and soul... must-see-and-hear-for-yourself...

Tacoma Reporter - Tacoma, WA


Here’s a band that seems to have it all ways. They’ve got a strong spiritual bent, spinning out songs of positive intent... Mick Overman has obviously been around, and has the chops to prove it... the vision of musical seers...

Bill Bentley - Studio City Sun


...has now become part of the foundation of the music in the Monterey Bay. You are a major part of that.

Sleepy John Sandidge - promoter/producer/host (Snazzy Productions / KPIG 107.5 FM) Santa Cruz County, CA


...when a CD is this good, I don’t much care about the small print. ****1/2 stars

Dave Good - NBC.COM




"Guilt By Association" - Artists Mick Overman Has Appeared With

Taj Mahal

Robben Ford

Roy Rogers & the

   Delta Rhythm Kings

Tab Benoit

Bill Champlin

Hot Tuna

Jeffrey Gaines

Young Dubliners


James Thackery



Kelly Joe Phelps

Joanna Connor

Leon Russell

Eric Andersen

Kim Wilson's Blues All Stars

Mark Naftalin

Anson Funderburgh & the Rockets

Sapphire: the Uppity

   Blues Women

Harvey Mandel

David Lindley & Wally Ingram

Peter Rowan

John Stewart

Jesse Colin Young

Danny O'Keefe

Dan Hicks

Gene Clark

Country Joe McDonald

 & Barry Melton

Lou Diamond Phillips



Mick Overman is a West Coast legend. He's a poet and master musician. His music is best described as "Bluesy Folk & Roll with Jazz Attitude" and his guitar playing and singing as "Berklee College of Caveman." He has long been regarded as one of the West Coast's most prolific and hardest working artists, with as many as 379 performances in one year. He's the "Iron Man of the Road."


Mick was born in Ohio, the son of a rocket scientist who followed the aerospace boom to California when Mick was two years old. His earliest musical influences were listening to Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, Chet Atkins, The Kingston Trio and Cannonball Adderly. His first published work was an early 1960s haiku entitled "Fireflies" in the Fullerton Daily News Tribune.


Overman abandoned guitar lessons in fourth grade for Little League baseball after learning "These Boots Are Made for Walkin" and began studying drums at age 13. He resumed studying the guitar around age 14 and became interested in songwriting. He became the youngest city commissioner in his hometown at age 17 when he was appointed by the Fullerton City Council to serve as youth delegate to the Human Relations Commission.


After completing high school in three years to get a head start on dropping out of college, Mick studied music privately with his friend Martin Headman, who had graduated on the Dean's List with a degree in composing and arranging from Boston's Berklee College of Music. Overman lived and performed in Missoula, Montana and Ashland, Oregon before returning to California in 1981 to form the first version of Mick Overman & The Maniacs.


Overman moved to Santa Cruz County, California in the Spring of 1986 with Jeanie Golino, and their daughter Corina was born the following September. They settled in La Selva Beach in early 1987.


Mick lived in a yellow house with a white fence "between the ghetto and the farms" near Freedom, California, which was the location of "The Cave" from 1990 until 2004. There, he formed Max Records and released Empty City in 1994 and Lucky. in 1996 and the all-acoustic Mileage in 1998.


After performing and touring nonstop for 12 years, Overman chose to detach from the business of the music business at the turn of the 21st century for his artistic, spiritual and physical health. One of the many positive results of this sabbatical was the writing and recording of his fourth CD, Authentic, which was released in early 2002 and received national radio airplay. He also studied and trained at the Berkeley Psychic Institute during this period.


Mick moved to Portland, Oregon early 2004. There, he wrote the songs he contributed to his fifth CD, Mick Overman & The Maniacs—Good Thing Happen, in 2004 and 2005. Much of this work was done in "The New Cave" which is located in the basement of his Portland home.


Good Thing Happen was produced, recorded and mixed with the help of his band Mick Overman & The Maniacs and five-time Grammy nominee Cookie Marenco at her OTR Studios in Belmont, California and released nationally in February 2006.


Mick's new, all-acoustic and sixth release, Mister Double Happiness—also produced by Cookie Marenco at OTR, followed in 2008.


Radio and press copies of all Overman's releases are available upon request.





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