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Good things have happened, are happening now, and will continue to happen.


Mick has a new full length record, "Every Little LIght," completed and ready for release in early 2024,

produced by five time Grammy nominee Cookie Marenco.


This release is available in a Limited Edition

100% Analog Audiophile Quality Vinyl LP and CD,

as well as your favorite streaming and download providers.


Preorders are available now - contact Mick personally.


Wow. Good. Yes.


1. Every Little Light

2. What Heaven Knows

3. Spirit Wind

4. What Am I Here To Learn?

5. One That Beats Inside Of You



1. Worth The Trouble

2. Dream Of The Forgotten Song

3. Do You Believe In Magic?

4. Give It Away, Someday

5. Miracle Right Now



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Wow. Good. Yes.